Did I mention that The Adventures of the Poodle Posse won a silver Mom’s Choice Award and a top pick on Amazon’s Children’s Bookshelf ? Well, I’m proud and thrilled.. But there’s nothing like hearing from the real people, in real schools, libraries and reading programs around the region who’ve shared their opinions. If you’ve got something to say, just let me know. Contact me at chrysasmith@verizon.net

Book Reviews



‘….This fun, rambunctious Halloween adventure with Daisy and her mischievous brothers, will thrill the young reader. Of course almost every youngster I know enjoys a good dog story, but add a bit of humor and stir in a bit of horror and you have the recipe for great adventure. I’d never read anything in this series before and was pleasantly surprised at how much fun the tale was. It was well written and is sure to hold the interest of the young reader. I loved dainty Daisy and her two brothers who enjoyed annoying the little princess. IN the back of the book are several activities that the young trick-or-treater will certainly enjoy. Best of all there are two dog-approved recipes for Pumpkin Treats and Jake’s Favorite Peanut Butter Bones. This is a series that is certainly going to be a bow-WOW hit with the young dog lover!

Deb Fowler (aka Dragonfly)
An Amazon ‘Top 100 Reviewer’

‘Most of us who have dogs make them a part of the family. There is a fine line between the way we treat our canine members and the way we treat each other. As a matter of fact, I have noted throughout the years that those families, who do treat their pets as members of the family; kind, loving, understanding and interactive, seem to be much better adjusted that those who don’t. 


The third in a series about a lovable trio of poodles and their human ‘mom’ brings home this point quite well. The author, Chrysa Smith has given each of the three dog’s distinct personalities and the kindness and love between all is quite on the mark…….


The author has put together a rather remarkable little book with this one. Not only do we have a delightful story, but Smith has added several pages of activities for children which include a nicely done maze, a dog quiz, excellent recipes for home-made dog treats (all healthy), a riddle game, doggie costume suggestions and a writing work outline to allow the child to write their own creepy tale.


The text is quite well done and is easy for the children to follow and is silly enough in just the right places to bring on plenty of giggles. The book has been very well illustrated by Pa Achilles with plenty of black and white drawings. While the story is of course, fantasy (you enter the world of these three dogs), it is filled with little truths about dogs and their personalities. Any child who has a pet dog or has ever had a pet dog will be able to instantly relate to this work. 


Now those that read my reviews will know that I am a dog person. Our own ‘posse’ is not made up of Poodles, but rather Boston Terriers. I was able to relate to the antics of the dogs in the story quite well, especially when it came to the different personality traits of each of the dogs. 


Chrysa Smith is a fine story teller and an excellent writer. I do hope that there will be more additions to the series coming down the road. The first two books featuring these lovable animals are………


I did have a friend of mine, a second grade teacher, read this to her class. The kids in the class, jaded little literary critics all, gave this work two thumbs up!

Don Blankenship
An Amazon ‘Top 100 Reviewer’

Meet Woody, Archie, Daisy–three small poodles with big hearts that will steal yours in these new adventures. In The Princess and the Frenchmen, the three poodles realize that living together doesn’t make a family. But their willingness to share does. In No Dogs Allowed, Woody makes his own discovery–having fun is possible in the most unlikely places. Pat Achilles’ enchanting illustrations bring an old-fashioned charm that perfectly fits the mood of the stories. –Carmen Ferreiro-Estaban, Author, Two Moon Princess, The King in the Stone, Bequer

Carmen Ferreiro Estaban

Chrysa Smith has a way with words and poodles. She has created three lovable dog personalities with top dog Woody, poodle princess Daisy and adventurous Archie–in adventures that readers in grades two and three can enjoy. No Dogs Allowed is sure to be a hit with children, whether or not they have a pet. –Leslie Clark, Librarian, Ocean City Free Library, NJ

Leslie Clark
OC Free Library

Chrysa Smith has created two memorable canine characters that will bring smiles to the faces of young readers. Woody and Archie are more than pet poodles; actually friends who demonstrate the qualities we try to instill in young children. The humorous, vivid details of the stories make for a great read-aloud for youngsters and a stepping-stone into chapter books for primary grade readers. –Ruth Fields, Librarian, Bensalem Township School District, PA

Ruth Fields
Bensalem SD

Kids will enjoy these stories about two dogs and their antics.Young listeners will be drawn to the cute images of the poodles. –The Reading Tub (Book reviews for children)

Reading Tub

Visits & Presentations

“Absolutely our pleasure! Mrs. Pelusi said that your presentation was excellent and geared very well for your audience. Thank you for coming:)”

Dawn Parker
Principal, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School, Doylestown, PA

“Chrysa Smith’s book, “Once Upon a Poodle” is entertaining, light-hearted and fun for children! Her presentation allows for the colorful pictures to come to life all while connecting to her own personal experiences. (We would love to have you back!)”

Lauren Quinn
Teacher, Charles Street School, Palmyra, NJ

“The students and staff at Milford Public School thoroughly enjoyed your visit and the enthusiastic manner in which you craft your stories. Thank you for inspiring us and sharing the exciting adventures of the Poodle Posse!”

Edna Bercaw
ELA Teacher, Milford Elementary, NJ

The staff and students were so impressed with your writing background and knowledge. You made writing come alive. Your stories were funny and lighthearted & captured all age levels of students.

Michelle McMahon
Librarian, Millville NJ

It was our great pleasure to have you visit us at Delair. Your enthusiasm and energy for the writing process, as well as your engaging presentation on your own books was the highlight of the students’ day. You have inspired many of our students to tap into their creativity and write stories of their own. (I think you inspired some teachers to do the same!) Thank you again for sharing your love of writing with us. —Marge Walsh-Sanky, Reading Specialist, Delair Elementary, NJ

Marge Walsh-Sanky
Delair Elementary

We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. The kids were abuzz today in library talking about it! Thanks for a great morning. –Judith Hedtke, Librarian, Notre Dame de Lourdes, Swartmore, PA

Judith Hedtke
Notre Dane de Lourdes

Thank you very much for traveling to Pottstown to present your creative writing workshop. I heard many positive comments from all three workshops! Hopefully the students will retain the inspiration to write, and you will hear from them. Many thanks! –Sue Dudek, St. Aloysius, Pottstown, PA

Sue Dudek
St. Aloysius

Thank you so much for coming today. It means so much to the girls to hear a real author speak. We love your books and enjoy hearing all the stories of the ‘poodle posse.’ –Catherine School, Librarian, Country Day School of the Sacred Heart, Bryn Mawr, PA

Catherine Scholl
Country Day School

Again, just want to say thanks for the wonderful presentation s that you gave at Asa Packer on Monday! It was great–the kids and teachers loved it! —Stacy Nevin, PTO President, Asa Packer Elementary, PA

Asa Packer
Asa Packer

Thank you very much for visiting Pine Run. The staff and students were pleased to view your presentation and learn about your experiences as an author, from drafting to publishing. It was so much fun to see the students’ attentiveness and interest as you read your story out loud to them. —Kelly Campion, Pine Run Elementary, PA

Campion Kelly
Pine Run Elementary