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THE ADVENTURES OF THE POODLE POSSE                                     Canine Kicks for Young Readers                                                                                         

An award-winning & endorsed indie series for transitional readers (grades 1-3) & dog lovers of all ages  (now represented internationally by Rightol Media, Chengdu, China)

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‘Feedback from our teachers: awesome!’ 

-Ursula Accumano, District Enrichment Coordinator, Lester D. Wilson, Alexandria Twp., NJ



poodle40007Book #4 in the series is a midwinter tale & activity book. When a burrowing poodle and his friends meet another famous burrowing creature, not only does the fur fly, but the weather is predicted. Accurate? Perhaps, but the tale is not only about Groundhog Day–it teaches us patience–the reality that we just can’t rush Mother Nature. Activities including a groundhog and word search and a board game plus comprehension, sequencing & cause/effect follow-up for teachers. Released fall 2012.
Featured in Reviewer’s Bookwatch, 2013, The Midwest Book Review


poodle40005Book #3 in the series is a Halloween tale & activity book. About ten elementary schools in or near the Greater Philadelphia Area participated in the preview, edit, creative process. The tale is not only about Halloween, but about trying new things and  what it really means to be yourself. It is followed by fun holiday activities including a maze, make-your-own masks, a fortune teller, trivia and healthy Halloween dog treat recipes. Released fall 2010.
Amazon Children’s Bookshelf Top Pick, January 2011 Featured in Small Press Bookwatch, January 2011               The Midwest Book Review


Book #2 in the series contains two tales: The Princess & the Frenchmen/No Dogs Allowed! It was edited/previewed by students in two elementary schools. The first tale is about the growth of the posse. There’s now a third poodle in the mix: a girl with a poodlicious attitude, and everyone needs to adjust and accept. A great message on bullying and standing up for what is right.  The second tale, with its Jersey Shore beach image on the front cover, takes the posse on a beach vacation where things don’t quite go as planned. The message? Sometimes we need to readjust our sails when the wind is blowing the wrong way. Released fall 2009


poodle40001Book #1 contains two tales: The Case of the Missing Steak Bone/Who Let the Dogs Out?  The first tale started it all, as Top Dog Woody tries to outsmart his brother by stealing and hiding a special treat. But Archie innocently turns events around in the house when he unexpectedly finds it and is a bit more welcome to the idea of sharing. In the second story, rescued dog Archie returns to the shelter to help out his friends with a very caring, but crazy night of antics. Released winter, 2007.  Silver Medal, Mom’s Choice Awards    


 Also published with feature articles in Bucks County Town & Country Magazine, Philly Style, Pool & Spa Living, The Cooperator, Drug & Cosmetic Industry, American Salon , BUCKS, Design NJ, Low Carb Living and contributor to the book: As If by Magic.