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A Very Merry Mixed-Up Christmas


What a delightful time! Snowflakes, presents and poodles. Poodles? Why, of course.
In a Very Merry, Mixed-Up Christmas, you’ll experience the excitement that the holidays hold, the angst that Santa feels when Elfluenza strikes, the combined efforts of all the creatures of the North Pole to keep Christmas on track and a very unexpected and delightful present. An activity section in the back of the book provides amusement for ‘good little girls and boys.’ This is a wonderful Christmas story for kids. As a read-aloud for younger children. Independent reader for those in grades 1+.

Creepy Tails


Creepy Tails takes readers on a fun ride through Halloween night. The mood is set as a full moon and twinkling stars create the perfect evening to trick-or-treat. But when one member of the family isn’t in the mood, the mood changes as well as the night’s outcome.

One holiday tale is followed by an activity section where readers can make their own mask, follow their way through a maze, read fortunes and more.

Once Upon a Poodle


A Mom’s Choice Winner for excellence in Juvenile Fiction, Once upon a Poodle goes back in time, before The Adventures of the Poodle Posse series. How exactly did the first two poodles in the series become a family? This prequel tells the story. This picture book is a perfect read-aloud for youngsters who love dogs, a good tale, are about to welcome a new sibling and an independent reader for those in grades 1+.

Stuffed Poodle


With soft fur, this poodle feels almost like the real thing. Cuddle up with this toy poodle while checking out my Poodle Posse Series!

The Case of the Missing Steak Bone/Who Let the Dogs Out?


In The Missing Steak Bone story, mini-poodles are way too smart–or so some think. In this tale, ‘smarter’ older brother Woody thinks he’s pretty slick when he nabs a steak bone their mom had bought them. Problem? It was intended for his younger, shyer brother as well.  Find out what happens in this comedy of errors that puts one clever poodle and his ability to share in their proper place. Also includes Second Story titled: Who Let the Dogs Out?

The Princess & The Frenchmen/No Dogs Allowed!


The posse’s new sister isn’t always a welcome guest. In fact, her brothers might have just a bit of trouble adjusting to her attitude and special treatment from mom. Gardens are dug up and a little teasing of Daisy turns into more of a bullying incident. But hold the bone! The brothers step up to the plate, and let their petty grudges go as they stand up for Daisy and what is the right thing to do. But what will mom think?

In the second in the Adventures of the Poodle Posse series, head on down the shore.  Grab your beach ball and shovel and join the growing posse of mini poodles and their loving owner, Mrs. Flout, as they romp their way into into the sun, sand and waves—or do they?




Trouble Down Under


The Dove Foundation gave this story a four paws up (endorsement) for some fun in the bleakness of winter. Groundhog Day rolls around and of course, the poodles don’t miss a trick. When Mrs. Flout decides if she can begin her garden or wait, she decides to count on the weather forecast from another furry creature. Problem? One of the poodles can’t wait to meet the little guy, so adventures begin. Find out what happens in the snow, on a snowmobile and with a police dog as the posse learns a valuable lesson about patience.