The Adventures of the Poodle Posse: A Very Merry, Mixed up Christmas


‘It certainly is a Very Merry Mixed-Up Christmas with this latest book of the Poodle Posse adventures. Children can relate to the very human feelings of the poodles as they prepare for Christmas while struggling to stay good for Santa. Once again, Chrysa Smith has written a book that touches on the very things that children love. It’s a great read-aloud for younger children and a good chapter book for early elementary students.’  Marge Walsh-Sanky,Reading Specialist, Pennsauken, NJ

‘Poodles and Christmas are an irresistible combination, and Chrysa Smith has created a cute story that gives each character the right gift for Christmas–including a surprise for everyone!’  —Anna Campos, School Librarian (retired), Metairie, LA

‘What a cute story! Loved reading it and I know kids will as well—reading it takes me back to a warm, cozy place when I was much, much younger and just loved to curl up and read!’  —Kimberly Phillips, Director of Professional Development, Reading Assist Institute, Wilmington, DE

Product Description

What a delightful Christmas Story for Kids! Snowflakes, presents and poodles. Poodles? Why, of course.
In a Very Merry, Mixed-Up Christmas, you’ll experience the excitement that the holidays hold, the angst that Santa feels when Elfluenza strikes, the combined efforts of all the creatures of the North Pole to keep Christmas on track and a very unexpected and delightful present.

Owner, Mrs Flout, is getting ready for Christmas. Decorating, baking bones. The Poodle Posse is dreaming about their Christmas gifts, but the posse is hardly cooperating. Arguing about who is in charge, threatening that they won’t share their gifts, Mrs. Flout reminds them that Santa is watching and listening. Back at the North Pole, there is big trouble. The elves have come down with a full blown case of Elfluenza, and Santa is in need of help–and fast. Completely unaware, the poodles are dreaming about their gifts: smart phones, sleds, bones and more, but Santa doesn’t know where help will come from. Thanks to the good advice of the North Pole’s best doctor, Santa is able to pull together all of the animals of the North Pole to come to the rescue. Christmas winds up going off without a hitch, the dogs and Mrs. Flout get just what they wished for–plus an unexpected surprise that makes the Flout family bark with suspicion and delight.

An adorable Christmas story for kids, dozens of black and white illustrations bring the story to life. The books straddles between Christmas at the Flout house (home to the Poodle Posse) and the North Pole, as the countdown to Christmas begins. . Children delight in the funny pictures of spotted elves and the zany gifts each poodle wants–which represents their individual ‘canine-alities.’ In the back of the book, there is a fun, educational search for all of the animals of the North Pole, the way to reach Santa and countdown to Christmas puzzle that spells out a special Christmas message for kids—and dog lovers of all ages.


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