Groundhog Day Book

The Adventures of the Poodle Posse: Trouble Down Under


Grab your camera and your calendar and join the Poodle Posse as the adventures continue on Groundhog Day. Will it be another bout of winter? An early spring? Will the groundhog see his shadow? Or will the event be clouded by some zany poodle antics? Find out in Trouble Down Under; and check out some fun activities at the back of the book that will make midwinter feel a whole lot warmer. Transitional reader for grades 1+, including activity section. Contains lesson on patience.

‘Adventures! Surprise! New Friends! Promise! Chrysa Smith has captured all of this and more in her new book: Trouble Down Under. The Poodle Posse welcomes a new friend who provides the posse with new adventures and surprises as one of the poodles tries to awaken a sleeping groundhog. Just like the promise of a new spring each year, Chrysa Smith’s new book promises to keep its readers wanting more adventures…My students love reading about their Poodle Posse friends and highly recommend all of Chrysa Smith’s books.’  —Noreen Moore, Teacher, Librarian, Author, Holland, PA

‘After reading the story, I’m now ready to trade in my old mutt–Rocky for a Poodle Posse! The author has a magical way with words that captivates audiences young and old. The adventures of Mrs. Flout and her dogs are sure to tug at your heartstrings. The illustrations are gorgeous and take your imagination for a ride!’  —Joey Fortman, Founder, Real Mom Media LLC, PA and Host of Real Mom Radio

Product Description

It’s Groundhog vs. Poodle in this adorable Groundhog Day Tale

This Groundhog Day Book is truly one the entire family can enjoy! When Mrs. Flout, loving but unaware owner of the Poodle Posse decides she would like to get a read on the forecast before planting her new garden, she decides a trip to see the weather-predicting groundhog is in order. When she piles her poodles into the car, she doesn’t have a clue that they are in for some adventures of their own.

Reaching their location, Mrs. Flout takes off their leashes for a bit and before long, a poodle is missing! Trouble ensues as three of the four siblings attempt to find the lost brother (aka the adventurous one). When nothing turns up, the poodles solicit the help of a police dog. Having no idea of his own, they all ask for the help of a policeman. He decides to gather the entire posse and a snowmobile and set out on their own journey. But when a rope and someone’s blanket turn up next to the groundhog’s sleeping quarters, both the groundhog and poodle are not there. Where would one poodle who loves to burrow be found? Find out for yourself in this adorable Groundhog Day Book.

Activities in the back of the book include a picture search, word search and mini board game.



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