The Adventures of the Poodle Posse: Case of the Missing Steak Bone/Who Let the Dogs Out?


‘Four paws up’ for Chrysa Smith as she vividly captures the warmth and gentle spirit of Mrs. Flout and shares the canine ‘tails’ of her much loved, curly-haired Frenchmen. Witty phrases keep you begging for more.‘  –Linda Hastie, Director, Small Wonders Preschool, Doylestown, PA

‘Chrysa Smith has created two memorable canine characters that will bring smiles to the faces of young readers. Woody and Archie are more than pet poodles, actually friends who demonstrate the qualities we try to instill in young children. The humorous, vivid details of the stories make for a great read-aloud for youngsters and a stepping-stone into chapter books for primary grade readers.’  –Ruth Fields, Librarian, Bensalem School District, PA

This book is a highly-entertaining read, not only for children, for also for their parents! Woody and Archie are mischievous, yet adorable poodles who have the ability to make everyone true dog lovers. They are adept at ‘sniffing out’ one amusing escapade after another. Congratulations to Chrysa Smith for creating her first children’s book—a true delight.’  —Dolores Rock, Resource Reading Teacher, Hamilton, NJ

Product Description

Looking for a Dog Story for kids?

Missing Bones and Mysterious packs of canines? What better dog stories to share than this!

What makes this a good dog story for kids? Whats the story?

Where poodles go, trouble is sure to follow–in the funny, silly and sometimes clever antics retold in The Adventures of the Poodle Posse. Follow the trails of Woody, Archie, Daisy and the ever-growing posse of four-legged characters that keep their loving owner, Mrs. Flout, on her toes, spun around and baffled, as her furry little family brings her joy, unexpected twists and turns and a few life lessons along the way.

In ‘The Case of the Missing Steak Bone’, owner Mrs. Flout loves to share all things with her posse, including food. So when a leftover steak bone seems like a nice treat, she discovers that one of her two little fluff balls is a thief. A missing bone turns into a comedy of errors as missing bones get moved, rediscovered, then moved again. Who’s the culprit? Or is there more than one? Find out in The Case of the Missing Steak Bone.

In ‘Who Let the Dogs Out?’ Mrs. Flout watches her favorite evening news program, only to learn of a 100 dog rescue taking place. Woody and Archie are of course, sitting with her. So of course, they tune into what’s going on. One night Archie, poodle #2 goes missing and Woody, Top Dog, sets out on the trail to find him. When he finally gets to the bottom of the mystery, he finds Archie at a large building marked ASPCA. In an effort to change lives, (like his was when he was adopted) Archie frees every single dog at the shelter. Where to take them? Well, to Mrs. Flout’s house, where there’s always room for four more paws. Life gets a bit hairy, as you might suspect, but Mrs. Flout saves the day, saving herself, a cute little red head at the same time.


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