Creepy Tails

Creepy Tails takes readers on a fun ride through Halloween night. The mood is set as a full moon and twinkling stars create the perfect evening to trick-or-treat. But when one member of the family isn’t in the mood, the mood changes as well as the night’s outcome.

One holiday tale is followed by an activity section where readers can make their own mask, follow their way through a maze, read fortunes and more.


Who doesn’t love this holiday? Well, turns out, not everyone. Creepy Tails follows the posse on a walk around the block, but only one problem. Little diva Daisy doesn’t want to be creepy or scary, so doesn’t dress up.

While Woody, Archie and Mrs. Flout are getting into the spirit of the Halloween holiday, Daisy is confused. Everyone is dressing in weird and creepy costumes. But why would a perfectly poofed princess want to be anyone but herself?

When all of the other female trick-or-treaters turn out to look just like the little princess, she realizes that trying something new might not be all bad. A little twist at the end introduces yet another member to the posse family.

Daisy learns that when you are comfortable with who you are, trying something new can be fun.

  • An Absolute Thriller
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The Story

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The Heroes

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