The Adventures of the Poodle Posse: The Princess & the Frenchmen/No Dogs Allowed!


‘Chrysa Smith has a way with words and poodles–she has created three lovable dog personalities…in adventures that young readers in grades two and three can enjoy. ‘No Dogs Allowed‘ is sure to be a hit with children whether or not they have a pet.’   —Leslie Clarke, Children’s Librarian, Ocean City Library, NJ

‘My class loved listening to the stories read to them by me and the school librarian. It fit so well when teaching little ones to write their own stories. Writers think about their own lives; something simple like having pets can generate ideas to write about. Can’t wait to read these new adventures to my students.‘  —Mary Smith, First Grade Teacher, Colonial School District, PA

‘Wanting to read and associating reading with fun are two critical elements in developing a lifelong love of reading. In this book, Chrysa Smith once again brings a delightful mix of poodles to life in the reader’s imagination. Entering the world of the Poodle Posse is a fun and engaging journey for the young reader.’   —Diane Smith, Director, Roxy Reading Children’s Program, Doylestown, PA

Product Description

Two Tales Tell Two Messages in these Poodle Posse adventures

The Princess & The Frenchmen and No Dogs Allowed

A bridge between picture books and chapter books, The Adventures of the Poodle Posse is a great introduction to short stories within a series.

In ‘The Princess and the Frenchmen’, a new redhead joins the posse—only this time, it’s a female with attitude. Her brothers aren’t sure what to make of her, but they surely disapprove of their mom’s (Mrs. Flout’s) new-found attention for all things girly. Plus the attention, sharing—oh, make it stop! But when the motley gang of canines come calling, their attention also goes to Daisy; this time, not in a very good way. As they tease and intimidate her, she becomes a little put off–at least until her brothers come to her aid. A great lesson in bullying and standing up for what is right.

Following on the tales of this new-found family of three, Mrs. Flout decides to take the posse for a little beach vacation in No Dogs Allowed. Only one problem–she discovers that there are indeed, no dogs allowed on the beach. When she discovers the neighborhood dog park is the place to go, there’s another problem. The oldest and bossiest of the posse decides it’s no beach vacation to visit yet another park–and ruins the day. Forced to go, Woody discovers that things are not always what they seem and maybe, just maybe you might try something before you decide not to like it.

 Grab your beach ball and shovel and join the growing posse of mini poodles and their loving owner, Mrs. Flout, as they romp their way into the garden, down the shore and with a whole new host of furry friends that make managing the posse of poodles even more puzzling. Easy reader, suggested for grades 2-4, as a read aloud for younger children and for dog lovers of all ages. Book contains two illustrated and funny stories.


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