The Adventures of the Poodle Posse: Creepy Tails


‘The adventures continue with a Halloween treat for independent readers and audiences of all ages looking for a read-aloud adventure. Children with varying learning styles will appreciate the humorous tone of the storyline, while whimsical illustrations and tie-in activities keep readers turning pages–creating a wonderful text-to-world connection for young readers. If this is your first opportunity to join the Posse, stop chasing your tail. Catch up with the first two tales in this fabulous series. Or, have the author visit your school or library for a visual presentation that meets the needs of all students (including ESL learners).’  —Belinda Rusnock, Librarian, Bethlehem, PA

Our society is becoming ever more pet-friendly. I think this is wonderful for all of us, our pets and especially children. You invite us to include our animal family members in the fun of Halloween, with illustrations that are emotive in a way perfect for children. Bravo!‘   —Dale Mantell, DVM, Doylestown, PA

Product Description

Creepy Tails is the perfect canine Halloween Story for kids

If you like dogs and all things creepy, you’re in for a treat. Creepy Tails sets the perfect Halloween scene: scary costumes, dogs who dress up, treats ready for giving, a full moon, the hoot of an owl, bats and more. But as much as two members of the Poodle Posse are all geared up for the holiday, one is not. In this halloween story for kids, Daisy doesn’t understand why anyone would want to look creepy or scary, and thus, chooses to be her princessy self–a diva–sassy—a gal with ‘tude. So when a walk around the block on Halloween night turns her views upside down, her older brother is quick to remind her ‘I told you so.’ And Daisy just might learn a lesson or two—don’t turn your crown up to something until you try it, and possibly, that dressing up for Halloween is quite a different thing than being yourself.

While Woody, Archie and Mrs. Flout are getting into the spirit of the Halloween holiday, Daisy is confused. Everyone is dressing in weird and creepy costumes. But why would a perfectly poofed princess want to be anyone but herself? Daisy learns that when you are comfortable with who you are, trying something new can be fun. Activity section follows.

An activity section in the back includes two of the poodle’s favorite costume masks, a maze and more. It all makes for one great Halloween book for kids—and dog lovers of all ages.


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