In Praise of the Indie (Doylestown Bookshop)

In Praise of the Indie (Doylestown Bookshop)

by Chrysa Smith It does seem a likely pairing—the indie author and the indie bookstore. After all, you’re both not conglomerates; probably share a dislike for them and well understand the benefits of being small, intimate and on the pulse of the local community. But wait just a minute. I’ll be the first to say

Launching A Poodle Posse

Launching A Poodle Posse

Combine the imagination of a child with the wisdom of a creative writer, and you have Chrysa Smith. A resident of Jamison, she is the author of a series of children’s books featuring the love of her life, her poodle posse, who give her and her little readers a platform on which to understand some

Catching An Idea

“Whenever inspiration strikes, I always imagine myself dressed as if on safari, with camo gear on and net in hand ready to capture the prize. And so it was with me many months ago.” Read the full story here

My Road to Publication: Chrysa Smith

“Through the early years, when writing meant factual accounting, I felt the desire for more freedom; more expression. And lifestyle magazine writing was the perfect fit. I loved the ability to describe in my own terms, what I was seeing, feeling, hearing, tasting. And, in-between writing assignments, I spent my time focusing on my family,

When Going to the Dogs is a Good Thing: Meet Chrysa Smith

“Writing has always come easy for Chrysa Smith. Still, there are times when she has writer’s block and needs to step away to refresh her brain. It was during those moments that she discovered she had something new to write about: her poodles! In 2008 she launched a young readers series of books that builds

The Road to A Calling Is Rarely A Straight Line

“You never know where writing is going to take you. This is what I tell students during my elementary school author visits.   It might sound like some vague, empty-worded statement. But I can honestly say that it’s been tried and true for me, as I’ve spent the better part of the past three decades