The students and staff at Milford Public School thoroughly enjoyed your visit and the enthusiastic manner in which you craft your stories.  Thank you for inspiring us and sharing the exciting adventures of the Poodle Posse!

–Edna Bercaw, ELA Teacher, Milford Elementary, NJ

The staff and students were so impressed with your writing background and knowledge. You made writing come alive.  We learned how important it is to observe our own lives to make connections in our writing. Your stories were funny and light- hearted, and captured all age levels of students.  Thanks you so much for visiting Mt . Pleasant Elementary School!

–Michelle McMahon, Librarian, Mt. Pleasant Elementary, Millville, NJ

It was great!!! The students were talking about it for the rest of the day.

–Janet Myers, Teacher, Our Lady of Hope/St. Luke’s, Baltimore, MD

What a great experience you provided the children! They just loved every minute! Many thanks to both you and Pat!

–Cheryl Fowler, Director, Rainbow Academy, Ivyland, PA

Ms. Chrysa Smith does an excellent job of engaging her audience as she demonstrates how she arrives at ideas for her books and brings them to fruition. Young students learn to take an ordinary situation and ask “What if…?” in order to create new, fun-filled story lines. Older students are challenged to create a story from a simple prompt and see where it leads them. An entertaining and instructive assembly for all!

–Barbara McFadden, Librarian, St. Eugene’s School, Primos, PA

Chrysa Smith’s book, “Once Upon a Poodle” is entertaining, light-hearted and fun for children! Her presentation allows for the colorful pictures to come to life all while connecting to her own personal experiences. (We would love to have you back!)

–Lauren Quinn, Teacher, Charles Street School, Palmyra, NJ


Thanks again for coming to our school. We so enjoyed your book and your company!

–Melinda Jacobson, Reading Specialist, George Wolf Elementary, Bath, PA

–Absolutely our pleasure! Mrs. Pelusi said that your presentation was excellent and geared very well for your audience. Thank you for coming:)

–Dawn Parker, Principal, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School, Doylestown, PA

Thank you for your wonderful visit!

–Catherine Scholl, Librarian, Country Day School of the Sacred Heart, Bryn Mawr, PA

Thank you! We enjoyed having you and we loved the book. We would welcome having you back again next year! Good luck with the new book and I’ll look forward to hearing from you next year.

–Colleen Reedy, Director, Solebury United Methodist Children’s Learning Center, New Hope, PA

Thank you again for coming in today to present to our students. Especially with our younger kids, we really want to invigorate a love of reading and meeting a real author was especially exciting for them

—Rachel Raytik, Reading Specialist, Bridle Path Elementary, Lansdale, PA

Thank you so much for coming in. I loved your speech about how you became an author and the writing activity you gave us. You encouraged me to write more, and more often. The messages you wrote were wonderful and mean so much to me. The illustration in the book was so good it reminded me of my own poodle. The way you wrote the book was fun for all ages. My favorite book was Once Upon A Poodle and my second favorite book was Trouble Down Under. Once Upon A Poodle was a great story and introduction to the rest of the series. Trouble Down Under was a hilarious play on Groundhog Day. We have read every book in the series.

Thank you for letting us have the rest of the series even though you were not here. I have told all my friends about your books and I have even read some of the books to them. They enjoy them and the are in 7th grade! By the way if I haven’t mentioned it, YOUR BOOKS ARE AMAZING!

—Emme Perry (Montessori student, Enfield, CT)

The children at Small Wonders were treated to a wonderful “story time ” with local author, Chrysa Smith and illustrator Pat Achilles. The presentation featured Mrs. Smith’s latest book in the Poodle Posse series. The new book, Once Upon a Poodle, is geared to the younger child. The beautiful illustrations bring to life Woody and Mrs. Flout. The children were enchanted with Woody as he searched for the perfect brother. Mrs. Smith’s presentation was full of animation as she told the children the story. It was age appropriate and an experience the children will remember for years to come.

–Linda Hastie, Director, Small Wonders, Doylestown, PA

Thank you so much for a great day. Your ability to meet every level was impressive. I know we worked you hard here

–Michele Kane, Reading Specialist, Montgomery Elementary, Montgomeryville, PA

It was our great pleasure to have you visit us at Delair School yesterday. Your enthusiasm and energy for the writing process, as well as your engaging presentation on your own books was the highlight of the students’ day. You have inspired many of our students to tap into their creativity and write stories of their own. (I think you inspired some teachers to do the same!) Thank you again for sharing your love of writing with us.

–Marge Walsh-Sanky, Reading Specialist, Delair Elementary, NJ

Chrysa Smith’s school presentations are both engaging and fun. The students love hearing about the latest Poodle Posse adventure. Chrysa shares her writing experiences and encourages the inner writer in all students. I would highly recommend inviting Chrysa Smith and the Poodle Posse to your school!

–Noreen Moore, Librarian, Hillcrest Elementary, Holland, PA

I think your presentation was a success. Thanks for coming back to visit us.

        –Lisa Stahlberger, Librarian, Holly Heights Elementary, NJ

All of your book presentations are a grab bag of fun! I like the way you include puppets, games and craft activities along with your reading of the books. The kids especially liked the beach blast, when they got to play the shell game and the matching game. I highly recommend your presentations for any school or public library interested in getting kids excited about reading.

–Leslie Clark, Children’s Librarian, Ocean City Free Library, NJ

Our Lady of Sorrows School was very pleased with Chrysa’s presentation. Our school offers a program for students from K to 8, and consequently, it is often challenging to find a presenter that will appeal to the various age groups. Our students thoroughly enjoyed each of Chrysa’s presentations. She was age-appropriate and appealed to the developmental needs of the group. Learning about the writing process as well as the marketing process enhanced the experience. I continued to receive positive feedback from parents, students and staff well after her visit. We look forward to hearing more from the Poodle Posse.

–Donald Constantino, Principal, Our Lady of Sorrows, Hamilton, NJ

We enjoyed your visit very much. It is always a great opportunity for children to meet an author and hear about how they started the process. At this age, many children want to write books, and for them to witness it happening for someone is a wonderful learning experience. Your books are great. We would love to have you visit our school sometime again in the future. Keep writing!

–Elaine Tomeck, Librarian, Holy Name of Jesus, Harrisburg, PA

Chrysa is a talented author who shares her love of the writing process very successfully with our elementary students as well as our 8th graders. She tailors her presentations beautifully for all levels. Chrysa’s lessons are highly interactive and spirited. She enthusiastically guides students through the writing process geared specifically to their grade level. The Poodle Posse series is very popular at our school!

–Annie Reynolds, Librarian, St. Genevieve’s, Ambler, PA

‘Thank you so much for your visit to our school. The girls enjoyed it and I am sure they will also enjoy your books.‘

–D. Rougeau, Miss Edgar & Miss Cramps School, Montreal

‘Thank you so much for the four wonderful presentations and corresponding workshops. You are so approachable and the kids really took to you. I enjoyed seeing them engaged–even if it was sometimes silly. They had great fun! We are glad that you could be a part of our school.‘

–Colleen Pavlovec, Principal, Leola Elementary School, PA

‘It was such a pleasure to meet you today! Thanks so much for your presentations. The kids really enjoyed learning about you, your pets, your books, and the publishing and writing process. We hope to hear about your next book in 2012!‘

–Deb Lenert, St. Andrew’s, Drexel Hill, PA


‘It was so nice of you to come back for an ‘encore’ appearance. I thought it went well. The puppet show is adorable, and a great way to hook them into the story. Thank you for involving the older kids.’

–Chris Sexton, Cops “N Kids Reading Room, Bethlehem, PA

‘I’m glad you enjoyed your visit. We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. The kids were abuzz today in library talking about it! Thanks for a great morning!‘

–Judy Hedtke, Librarian, Notre Dame de Lourdes, Swarthmore, PA